Data Processing:

The Data Processing Staff:

Talon's talented group of computer programmers and support staff have over 150 years of cumulative experience designing and running direct marketing computer applications.  The depth of our staff means your work will be done right and on-time, even if staff is out of the office or your job has a tight deadline.   

Laser Printing:

Talon offers three distinct laser technologies: Continuous forms, sheet-fed, and digital printing 4-color laser printing.   Contact us so we can discuss the advantages of each technology and help you choose the one that's just right for your application.

Digital Printing:

Offering unprecedented turnaround and flexibility, digital printing allows you to increase response rates with completely personalized results.

List Cleanup and Postage-Saving Services:

We house and actively update over 400 mailing lists. Some of the largest and most well known lists in the industry are at Talon. Contact us to find out who they are and to receive references.   Talon has numerous services to help you save money on your mailings.  Not all service bureaus have the depth of services that we offer. Services include dupe elimination with full merge/purge reports, the ability to remove people who have passed away, automatically updating new addresses of people that have moved, and appending missing apartment and suites, and correcting bad addresses.

Data Storage, Off Site Backup, and Data Certification.

Talon has a backup of every job we have ever run. Our massive tape/disk library contains over 30,000 files and jobs. Using Talon's custom written software, we can look up any job and reload the data in minutes.   All mailing lists are backed up and kept off-site for quick disaster recovery.   Talon's data processing systems and computers have been audited and certified as an approved vendor by some of the largest financial institutions in the country.  To find out which institutions have audited and certified Talon, contact us and we will provide details.

Data Processing

Mailing Services

Printing Services

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